Premiere at Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria (Santander) Spain. October 2021

Portrait of an Artist is an exhibition of eighteen digital portraits plus seven miscellaneous images, accompanied by music. There is a sculptor, two writers, two painters, two dancers, a musician, a philosopher... Each of them is framed in their world, in their art, but as a whole they form a gallery that suggests a peculiar community of separate beings. There, more than what is or may be, what matters is being in this moment - or not, because it is an anonymous movement of estrangement. Figures that move between two chimeric ends: an origin, a destination.
Rivavelarde has invoked these artists and shows them at different moments of their uncertain transformations: a series of mutation processes in which faces become landscape, so that the further inside you go, the more outside you are thrown, ending up by seeing what is not there, drastically revealing what always ends up being a portrait: the contemplation of someone who was present at that moment.

Music: Musical direction: José Corredera, Composed and produced: José Corredera and Miguel Lázaro - Visual edit: Félix Liberato - Text: Antonio Mora (Philosopher) - 
Photos studio: Michael Slobodian (8 portraits), María Belchi (1), Mikolai Berg (1) - Special thanks to: Alexander Bard, Nacho Ares, Luis Miguel Bravo, Niclas Elvingsson